Published Desember 8, 2010 by ♥NyorHeesya♥

Kang ho dong : Among many rumors, which one made you most upset?

Hee: it’s a little hard to talk about this, but leaing super junior, kim heechul leaing super junior. There were many rumors about that. Because I debuted first as an actor and then debuted as super junior, super junior become huge. So, all y acting was forgotten. Now, it was a singer trying acting instead of an actor acting. There were many stories about that. So, even though it’s sad I said to the members it’s hard to stand on stage because at that time I was shooting a drama, a miniseries, asitcom, variety show I was the blue chip of variety shows, also I was on stages as a singer. I was a newcomer doing all those things in a day. I was so tired that I was irritated our member teukie came up to me and said”heechul, don’t you think it’s not right that a singer doesn’t do stage rehearsal?” I would say “then do you think it’s right that when an actor cant shoot his scene and comes and goes”, so me and other members slowly drifted apart the  I went to live alone and fought constantly witH the members. So, I fought with leeteuk, eunhyuk and shindong at least once it became a big problem, it went so far as to this, I was shooting a scene where I get into car accident. Hold on (heechul get tissue),, ah, I’m not crying, I’m going to blow my nose (every one laugh).

Teukie: he’s aiming to win strong heart today

Seung gi: I was really surprised

Heechul : I’m sorry

Girl : we were taken aback

Heechul : I didn’t cry it’s okay

Also, when I was doing “U” promotions, I sang out of tune once “chaja bwajulteniii” like this. (every one laugh) I sang out of tune. So, I was the topic of the conversation for a week what upset me the most was that super junior fans were attacking me “heechul oppa does solo activities and now eith singing out of tune, he’s no help for the team, he’s trying to do it alone, he doesn’t want to be in the team with the kind of talks” I was so upset that even though I’m a super junior member, I resigned from super junior fan café. (every one laugh).

This heartbreaking story this isn’t the right time. So, it was really difficult, it was difficult with other member too, the rumor grew stronger that “kim heechul is leaving, he is quitting” it was during sorry sorry, when you listen to sorry sorry I only appear for 4 seconds. My voice is not any of the song. When I talked to the management company, I said, “I’m not that great of a singer, I cant dance well like eunhyuk, I don’t have that talent like teuki to lead other members as hyung, only my face is handsome” (every one laugh). What? What’s wrong? Truthfully am I ugly? (every one only laugh). So, I told the company.

Kang ho dong : my mouth hurts

Heechul : “ I think it’s right to not do this anymore, I think I’m only doing harm, I’m going to start again to spread my name as an actor. This is too difficult for me”. After I said that it was decided that sorry sorry would be my last album. So, I only was in it 4 seconds. The  After that, I went to the practice room for the last time, I drank a lot before because I was upset, I watched them practice their routine. Then, eunhyuk said some touching words. Eunhyuk came up to me and said, “ heechul hyung, we made all the dance routine with your place. So, u can just come in later”. He said that. Theword were my voice was funny, but it was so sad, it’s was so touching. Since I only do 4 seconds, I come out at later part of the song. Lee soo man said after watching me come out for 4 second said “shouldn’t heechul do the finale so that it’s pretty?” he said that so,

Kang ho dong : are you talking or are you doing individual talent?

Heechul : leg cick (imitate lee soo man style)

Kang ho dong : heechul truthfully I think leeteuk’s as the leader is big leading uniquengroup of people

Heechul : In the past, it was like this, when I turned all the image, leeteuk would try to fix it. Because when I would say hi, I would be like “hi” and since I look cold many people would misunderstand teuki will greet people like this, “hello, hello hyungnim” (imitate leeteuk say hallo)

Lee seung gi : right right he does that

Heechul : seriously even to a hoobae he would say, “nice to meet you, no no nice job thank you thank you” (imitate leeteuk) iwould look at him do that and would cry a lot.

Leeteuk cry

Heechul : hey I’m the strong heart

Leeteuk only cry n out from room

Heechul : why are you crying?

Kang ho dong : when you are leading 12 people, there would be many misunderstandings. There’s nothing that’s more thrilling than your fellow colleague acknowledging your sincereity. Also, since heechul with strong personality that was most defiant out of all the members exspresses gratitude. Leeteuk can’t hold it in.

Heechul : I never said I’m sorry or thank you to other member. What’s wrong eith me? I’m joking I’m acting I’m actor.

Leeteuk come again….. (clap for him)

Seung gi : leeteuk you were surprised it suddenly overtook you?

Leeteuk : just talking about the team makes me emotional. The thing about idol groups is that, There were many instances of being active for 5 years and then break up. You knoe from life that ever lasting forever like love and work, I want to protect the name super junior to last forever. (all clap hands)

Kang ho dong : it’s amazing, who are you?

Leeteuk : we are SUPER JUNIOR

Teukie, hyuk, shindong, heechul OEO


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